iPhone Development – Learnig wish list

I have been reading and watching videos on iPhone development for a few months now and havent actually wrote anything yet.  This blog post will be used to keep a list of the things I would like to be able to do on the iPhone.  Its my learning wish list.

Custom draw TableViewCells

Need to create my own row styles for TableView. Example is a traffic light on the left, with title and custom background colours

TableView row with detail button which expands the row out into a larger row with more details

I like this idea so that a table row button can be clicked which expands the row out into a more detailed view.


UIPopover displayed for a selected row in table view

When tapping an holding in a table row a popup could be displayed with some actions.


Sliding TableViewCells

This looks like a really neat feature.  It works same as the swipe to delete function on a table view but instead of the delete button it slides the row to the left revealing a couple of actions.



Software development manager for eTech Ltd. I started out developing with Visual Basic 3 and have used all versions of Visual Studio and now. Have recently developed a work management system using Silverlight, and an asset management system using WPF. Currently developing mobile survey solutions using .Net Compact Framework and currently learning IOS development to move our survey solution onto the iPhone/iPad.

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